How To Store Medical Cannabis

We have all experienced goods that have lost it's freshness, to the point where we must discard it. In those moments it may feel like a huge waste of time and money. When it comes to cannabis, keeping your buds fresh can mean the difference between having maximum potency or a crumbled batch of herbs. With a variety of ways that can be used to store them, we’ll share several tips that have worked for the team over the years and have produced quality results. 

It’s no secret that many have gone the extra mile to find the best way to preserve the freshness of this plant. From vacuum sealing to the frigid temperatures of placing them in freezers for an extended period of time or even the dreaded orange prescription drug cases. All things considered, people have used what has been accessible without the thought of results. There are several key things to consider for cannabis storage that will offer long lasting potency.



Why Protect Your Cannabis

For some, partaking in cannabis activities may be considered a leisure activity that often allows you moments to relax. There are many others who manage their health conditions with the use of medical marijuana helping them gain control over their disorders. This means that the protection of the products is of high priority and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once harvested, the cannabis plants need proper storage to safeguard the trichomes which carry the medicinal properties. You want to avoid causing any damage to the buds and rupturing the trichome resin heads. 


  • Store Them In A Dark, Cool Location 
  •  One of the most popular ways for growers (outdoor or indoor) to store their buds is to place them in a dark and cool place. This area must have a limited light source to reduce any exposure to heat. The room temperature of the location must be within a range of 60-70°F or 15-21°C. The goal is to protect and preserve your cannabis from degradation from exposure to heat, light and inadequate moisture. 


  • Choose Opaque (UV-Proof) Glass Containers
  •  All cannabis containers require an air tight, sealed, glass container for the best results. Having an airtight lid reduces oxidation which can change the cannabis potency and color just to name a few. This degradation can be the difference between experiencing a product with a high trichome level or simply a discolored and less optimum plant. After 90 days, the THCA in the plant begins to degrade. After 6 months THC begins to oxidize and convert into CBN. 


  • Clean Your Storage Containers
  • It goes without saying that you should not simply use the nearest bottle, utensil or container to protect your herbs. A well cleaned and dry unit is more desirable to avoid cross contamination and a degradation of buds. You can simply wash your jar with mild soap and warm/hot water to clear away any debris and remnants. Remove any resin residue with isopropyl alcohol and rinse with hot water. Allow to completely dry before reuse. 

    For edibles, long term storage is not recommended. For baked goods, they can be frozen to preserve its ingredients then thawed out for immediate use. Do not leave product at refrigeration temperatures as it can introduce mold growth. 

    Now that you have an understanding of the value of storing your precious plants, the tips expressed should offer some insight into how to do so. Although most medical cannabis is used for immediate consumption, preserving it can offer quality buds for days, weeks and maybe months to come. 

    Thanks - BudBox Brand Team.