Chicago Ordinance Forces Dispensary Applicants To Prove Social Equity Status

As many states and cities have started to legalize marijuana allowing both recreational and medical use, the need for dispensaries have surged. As Chicago becomes more flexible for future store owners, there are new requirements that are directed towards social equity applicants. This will simply provide certified evidence to the state on the designation and status of qualification. 

Several city council members in areas of Chicago have taken steps to ensure that the opening of dispensaries in desired locations are truly social equity applicants. In the past, it has been communicated that some individuals who were approved for licenses were said to have deep pockets and unwavering political connections. Learn more about what ward representatives Leslie Hairston (5th) and Roderick Sawyer (6th), are doing for companies wishing to open up dispensaries within 1,500 feet from any existing dispensaries. 

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